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I've been interested in electronics since I was about 10 years old (57 in 2009). I worked for 21 years as an auto mechanic and specialized in electronic engine control, fuel injection etc., mostly for Ford \ Lincoln Mercury dealers. For the past 6 years I've worked as a trim carpenter.

In the old days I used to use 6800 based microprocessors. What a pain in the butt. You needed to add RAM, ROM, external port chips etc. I'll never forget one time I was trying to figure out why a circuit didn't work. Duh, I had no RAM hooked up so there was no stack for the processor. You only do things like that once. :)

What a change when the PIC chips came out. I had actually gotten away from electronics for a while, but when I heard about the PICs it was a cool reason to get back into it.

These are just some PIC projects I've done for around the home. I'd appreciate any feedback on copies or improvements anyone makes. Or if these inspire other ideas.

Cassette to PC interface for a Heath ET-3400A computer with a PIC 16F876

Gas fireplace timer with a PIC 16F84A

Gas Grill timer with a 16F87

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